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Simple Shelter works with DOC on Antipodes Project

​Date Published: Nov 2016    |    Category:  General News Industrial Simple Shelter

Check out our video! The Department of Conservation employed Simple Shelter to create a helicopter hangar for use in the Mouse Eradication Project in the Antipodes Islands. The subantarctic islands experience relentless westerly gales, meaning the Simple Shelter is rated to handle windspeeds of 230km/h. 

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Check out the strength of our fabric!

​Date Published: July 22 2016    |    Category:  General News Simple Shelter

When it comes to fabric, we know what we're on about. We've been cladding our shelters with the same Tuffspan PE fabric for the last 20 years and it has never let us down. 

To prove our point, at Fieldays this year we suspended a 2300kg Ford Ranger on our Tuffspan fabric for the duration of the 3 day show. As well as drawing the crowds, the stunt certainly demonstrated the incredible strenth and durability of the 407gsm polyethelene. 

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car fabric2-900

See us at Fieldays!

​Date Published: June 10 2016    |    Category:  General News Simple Shelter

Visit our site at Fieldays on the 15th - 18th June for some great deals. We're at site E84, J25 - 29. Look forward to seeing you there!

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Our widest span ever!

​Date Published: May 23 2016    |    Category: Industrial  General News Simple Shelter

We're in the process of completing the installation of the widest clearspan shelter we've ever done - a huge 43m wide x 22m long! Visy Recycling are using the shelter at their Onehunga site to keep bulk product dry for separation. 

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IMG 20160503 132853-861-356

Huge truckload on its way to Canterbury!

​Date Published: March 31 2016    |    Category: General News Simple Shelter

Another huge farming structure was packed on its way this afternoon, bound for Canterbury. This shelter, going to Bellwin Farms to cover a feed pad, is 22m wide x 100m long so it makes for a fairly large few parcels!

Check out the photos here!


bellwin transport (2)-388

Simple Shelter's Azerbaijan Project

​Date Published: March 9 2016    |    Category: General News Industrial Simple Shelter

We recently sent four container shelters to Azerbaijan to be used in the South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion Project, a pipeline running from Azerbaijan through Georgia to Turkey and the EU.

This was a fascinating project to be involved in, click here to find out more! 



See us at the upcoming regional field days!

Date Published: February 5 2016    |    Category: Farming General News Industrial Simple Shelter

Visit us at one of the upcoming regional field days for a chat with our sales consultants and some great offers!

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CDFD 2015  (7)-659

Simple Shelter works with DOC on Antipodes project

Date Published: January 15 2016    |    Category: General News Industrial Simple Shelter

The Department of Conservation employed Simple Shelter to create a helicopter hangar for use in the Mouse Eradication Project in the Antipodes Islands. The subantarctic islands experience relentless westerly gales, meaning the Simple Shelter is rated to handle windspeeds of 230km/h. 


Simple Shelter's latest Southland Wintering Barn project

Date Published: September 24 2015    |    Category: General News Farming Simple Shelter

Gore farmer Peter Hargest recently invested in a triple span Simple Shelter to house his livestock through the winter months. Covering 1840m2 in total with two 20 metre wide spans and a 6 metre wide span in the centre, the Simple Shelter provides a comfortable and healthy environment for his cows. 


Simple Shelter draws the crowds at NFD 2015

Date Published: June 25 2015    |    Category: Farming General News Industrial Simple Shelter

Another National Fieldays has come and gone and as usual, been very successful. This year, the Simple Shelter site was just inside Gate One and visible all over Fieldays. We’ve continued to grow our site, showcasing both post mounted and container mounted options and this year adding a freestanding steel frame to demonstrate the strength of our structural steel. Once again the Dairyhouse structure housed the live milking display together with Lely, Cowhouse and Technipharm.  

blog fieldays 260615 (1 of 1)-143-269

Faultless performance at the Alpine Drilling Project

Date Published: June 24 2015    |    Category: General News Industrial Simple Shelter

Simple Shelter played a critical role in the recent project to gather information about the Alpine Fault – New Zealand’s biggest earthquake threat. From October through to early 2015, scientists from all over the world gathered in Whataroa, near Franz Josef Glacier, in order to drill 1.3km into the fault and analyse the findings.

The Simple Shelter was required to protect the sensitive equipment from the wild weather in the valley – and according to project manager Ray Marx, it held out “amazingly well”. 

Alpine fault-330-315

Our biggest Fieldays ever!

Date Published: July 09 2014    |    Category: Farming General News Industrial Simple Shelter

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who visited our sites at National Fieldays this year. This year on the Simple Shelter site we showcased both our post-mounted and container-mounted shelter options in a key location near Gate 1. The response to these two structures was very interesting - a common theme was comments on the strength of the Simple Shelter design and how pleasant it was to be inside the structures.


Re-covering an existing structure

Date Published: April 22 2014    |    Category: General News Industrial Simple Shelter

Over the years, Simple Shelter has been asked to replace roof covers on a number of existing shelter structures made by other suppliers, where the original manufacturer has been unable to supply replacements themselves. We recently re-covered one of these structures in Morrinsville, and in spite of the fact that very little detail was available regarding cover sizing and design, the replacement cover fitted perfectly.


See the Simple Shelter sites at Central District Fieldays

Date Published: March 11 2014    |    Category:

Come and see the Simple Shelter sites at CD Field Days, 13-15 March 2014 - we're at J12B and J12C, and we're also on the Cowhouse-Lely sites S7 and U1


Simple Shelter makes an impact at Southern Fieldays

Date Published: February 21 2014    |    Category: Farming General News Simple Shelter

Simple Shelter's stand at the 2014 Southern Field Days in Waimumu, Southland, certainly made an impact. This year, we installed the AGP20 Series model, 20.0m wide x 6.0m long.


Tsunami recovery work with Simple Shelter

Date Published: February 21 2014    |    Category: General News Industrial Simple Shelter

Following the severe tsunami which hit Samoa in 2009, Simple Shelter was contacted by a Samoan government agency.

An existing shelter structure covering a slipway had suffered damage during the tsunami when a barge broke free of its moorings and collided with one end of the structure. The resulting damage released the roof cover and badly damaged it.


Visit Simple Shelter at Central Districts Fieldays

Date Published: February 20 2014    |    Category: Farming General News Simple Shelter

Come and see us this year at Central Districts Field Days.  We'll have two Simple Shelter structures on display for 2014 - the first at J12B and J12C, and the second at S7 and U1. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Offshore installations: Featuring Fiji

Date Published: November 15 2013    |    Category:

Simple Shelter’s installers travelled to Fiji earlier this year to take care of erecting a clear span workshop facility in Suva. With two Simple Shelter structures each 16m wide x 18.3m long, the workshop offers almost 600 square metres of clear span space, and the unique arched design of the structures ensures good ventilation and even working temperatures year-round. The Simple Shelter’s translucent TuffSpan fabric cladding allows plenty of light transmission, keeping lighting costs down.


Simple Shelter at petrochemical plant: Tough structures for tough sites

Date Published: September 06 2013    |    Category: General News Industrial Simple Shelter

When Methanex needed temporary structures during their scheduled shut-down period, they gave Simple Shelter a call. The brief was straightforward: two structures were required for a sensitive welding process which needed to take place under cover during the shut-down. Simple Shelter supplied and installed two fully enclosed Simple Shelters with electrically operated winch-up doors - the two blue Simple Shelters are visible in the middle of the aerial photos below.


Off-shore work a Simple Shelter specialty

Date Published: September 04 2013    |    Category: General News Industrial Simple Shelter

When working in the oil and gas industry in Papua New Guinea, you are subject to some of the toughest conditions in the world. Work sites are often very isolated, the tropical rainfall is heavy and frequent, temperatures and humidity are high and replacement parts and equipment can be weeks or months away.



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