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Industrial Add-on Options

The nature of industrial sites means that your requirements will be different to someone in another situation. We've developed a wide range of add-ons which may be fitted to all Simple Shelter industrial structures, ensuring that your Simple Shelter meets your specifications exactly.

A wide range of add-ons are available for Simple Shelter's industrial structures, from end wall options to custom signwriting and branding. Do you have a request for an option which isn't shown here? Our design team can also work with you on your individual requirements to come up with a solution that works.
Side Wall Screening
It can be beneficial to enclose the sides of your Simple Shelter to provide extra protection against the weather. We supply a range of side wall options for your Simple Shelter, including:
  • Solid fabric
  • Windbreak mesh
  • Plywood / timber
  • Corrugated iron
  • Clearlite panels
Other side wall options are available on request - please don't hesitate to ask!
side wall
End Wall Options
For maximum weather protection, enclose the ends of your Simple Shelter with one of our End Wall Options. We can supply both solid fabric and windbreak mesh wall options, filling in the entire end or just a part of the end. For more information please contact us.
end wall-701
Twistlock Mounting Beams 
Unique to Simple Shelter, twistlock mounting beams are prefabricated mounting rails that are ideal for ease of relocation. The main arch mounting spigots and twistlocks are welded on in our workshop, so all you need to do is sit the beam on top of the containers and lock into position. This makes them ideal for simple installation, removal and relocation of your Simple Shelter.

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Twistlock beams-4-629
Mounting Options
The most popular method of mounting a Simple Shelter industrial structure is on shipping containers. We can also adapt your Simple Shelter to suit a range of mounting options, including the following:
  • Concrete block walls
  • Galvanised steel posts
  • Tanalised timber posts
  • Concrete panel walls
  • Steel A-frame mounted
Other mounting options are available on request - please don't hesitate to ask!
quarry-bulk-storage 0000 Layer 4
Professional Installation
Simple Shelter's professional installation teams are available to completely take care of your structure installation. Our installers are highly experienced and travel throughout New Zealand, the Pacific and across the world, working on a wide range of projects and construction sites.

Don't tie up your own staff on a task they don't need to do! For peace of mind, simplicity, and the assurance of a job well done, Simple Shelter's professional installation service is your best option.
pro install
Side Guttering
All Simple Shelter structures can be fitted with side guttering and downpipes, taking care of your stormwater requirements. We have a wide range of specialist guttering profiles, with options of galvanised steel, PVC plastic or fabric to suit all applications, structure layouts and climates.

Many Simple Shelter structures come with guttering as standard - if you're in doubt, please ask your sales consultant.
side guttering
Height Restriction Warning Signs
In areas where tractors and machinery are often accessing your Simple Shelter, a height restriction warning sign is a prudent investment.

Made from durable aluminium and brightly coloured with warning chevrons, these hanging signs help maintain the awareness of equiment operators that height clearances are restricted and encourage them to take extra care.

Simple Shelter height restriction warning signs can be hung from the centre of the structure or offset, depending on your requirements.
height restrict
Roof Branding and Signwriting
Use your Simple Shelter as a branding opportunity! Simple Shelter structures are often installed in high-profile areas and are seen by large numbers of people. Take advantage of this attention by specifying your branding on the roof cover! We've worked closely with a leading firm of signwriters to come up with a durable, high-tech branding solution - call us today to discuss branding opportunities.
Anti Friction Cover Protection Tape
Get the most out of your Simple Shelter with Anti Friction cover protection tape.

Applied to the top of the steel frames, Anti Friction cover protection tape forms a protective barrier between frame and cover, and guards against heat and wear, extending the life of the roof covers.
anti friction


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